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About Workpoint Group

Established in 1986, Workpoint Group was a highly functional independent TV content production company that has grown into a multimedia corporation, now operating the top digital television channel, Workpoint Channel.

Workpoint Group has produced 200 creative television entertaining shows in various genres, including game show, variety, talent and family, paranormal reality, comedy, drama and thriller, and sport. Workpoint Group’s shows have been nominated in 4-time in International Emmy Awards and twice for International Emmy Kids Awards for Generation Gap (2009), Gang of Gags (2010), War of Science (2012), Super Fan (2017), The Mask Singer (2018), and The Baby Boss (2019).

Until now, Workpoint Groups has licensed 46 shows (formats & finished programmes) in 17 countries, including The Fan in UK (2010) and Sweden (2012), The Band in Peru (2013).